Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at Bevvy.

  • What can I do on Bevvy?

    All kinds of fun things. For starters, you can:

    • find delicious cocktail recipes
    • lookup info on all spirit categories (whiskeys, rums, gins, and more)
    • read entertaining and inspiring stories about adult beverages and all things drink
    • learn more about the people behind the booze
    • bookmark all of the recipes and spirits you’d like to try
    • track all of the cocktails you’ve had or all of the bottles you own

    If you’re curious about all of the various “drink holidays” or are just looking for additional excuses to raise a glass (you can never have too many), then check out

    If you use the Chrome Web Browser and want to view a picture of a beautiful cocktail (by some of the world’s top bartenders) whenever you open a new blank tab, then give our Stay Thirsty Chrome Extension a try.

  • Do you accept recipe submissions? I have a great cocktail recipe.

    Why yes, yes we do.

    Anyone can add recipes to Bevvy and have them immediately be viewable to our audience (however, you will first need to register an account). We encourage everyone with a recipe to share to also include a beautiful drink photo, as that increases your recipe’s reach and impact.

    Can I just email you the recipe?

    We regularly receive email requests from bars and publicists who want their recipes added to Bevvy. While recipes submitted this way do get added to the site, they may also be overlooked in our inbound queue. Our recommendation is to add your recipe directly to Bevvy and then email us with the URL so we can take a look.

  • How do I add my spirit or brand?

    Currently, to add your brand or spirit to Bevvy, you need to get in touch with us at

    You’ll need to send us the following minimum information:

    • Product name
    • Product description (a short paragraph or longer)
    • 1 or more high-resolution product images (preferably 1920x1200 px dimension or higher)
    • Optional but highly recommended: product data such as country and region of origin, suggested retail cost, ABV or proof, years aged (if any), type of casks (e.g. American oak, oloroso sherry, …), and more

    It’s ok if you don’t have this information initialy, as you can send it to us in a follow-up email. However, know that we will be unable to add your products to our database until we receive the above.

    Is there a self-service feature where I can upload the information myself?

    Our product team is working to enable a “self-service” feature for entering new product data, while minimizing and even preventing the potential for duplicate or reduced-quality content. We will release an update when the time comes. For now, please submit your product information directly to us via the above approach.

  • Do you accept considerations for roundups/lists?

    Anyone can create a collection—essentially a list—on Bevvy (you will need a registered account to do so). The collection could be a rounding of your favorite margaritas for National Margarita Day, the best whiskeys you’ve had this year, the most popular cocktail recipes to make with your brand’s product, or something else altogether.

    We receive frequent recipe pitches for roundups, holidays and other occasions. While these submissions may find their way onto Bevvy and into some of our own curated collections, they may also be overlooked due to the sheer volume of our inbound queue. Our suggestion is for you to add your recipes directly to Bevvy, and then create your own collection that includes these recipes. After doing so, feel free to email us the URL, so we can take a look and possibly promote the collection on the site or social media.

  • Do you accept guest posts?

    Our general policy is not to accept guest posts, especially those looking to trade free content for exposure or links. We simply do not exchange links as a matter of policy. The articles we publish are highly-relevant to cocktails and spirits and are written by professional writers and industry experts. If this is you, and you have something relevant to share that adds value to Bevvy’s audience, maybe we can work together.

    So, are you saying there’s a chance you’ll accept my guest post?

    We appreciate your interest; really, we do. But we would not encourage anyone to spend valuable time writing and submitting a guest post, as the majority will not be accepted. That said, if you think it’s something we just can’t turn down, our contact info is here.

  • Do you accept sponsored posts?

    Yes, we do accept sponsorships, including sponsored posts (some restrictions apply) that convey brand messaging within the context of Bevvy.

    Please see our Advertise section for more information.

  • Do you have a mobile app (in the app stores)?

    The Bevvy web application is a mobile-friendly app that runs in a browser and works well across numerous mobile devices—from phones to tablets and iOS to Android. In fact, the majority of our audience experiences Bevvy on a mobile device.

    At the current time, we do not have a native mobile app that is available in the app stores. However, this will change at some point in the future.

  • Why should I join Bevvy and register an account?

    Anyone can use Bevvy to learn about cocktails and spirits, with no registration required.

    Things you can do without registration include:

    • lookup recipes for all of our cocktails
    • lookup info on all kinds of spirit products, and the brands behind them
    • read all of our editorial articles, stories, interviews, profiles, and more
    • learn more about some of the top bartenders and spirits producers in the world

    By joining Bevvy and registering an account, you will have access to even more features and capabilities to get the most out of Bevvy.

    Things you can do with a registered Bevvy acccount include:

    • add your own recipes
    • create your own collections of recipes or spirits, in any combination
    • track all of the drinks you like, have tried, want to try, have owned, or want to buy
    • get your own “Bevvy url” and be part of a community of drink enthusiasts from around the world
    • and more
  • I love Bevvy! How can I help?

    Thank you, thank you very much.

    Our staff and contributors work extra hard to ensure our products and content are helpful, useful and informative, and to make Bevvy the best that it can be.

    We Appreciate You

    We appreciate you—and all of our viewers—for granting us your interest and attention.

    The best way to help us is simply to spread the good word about Bevvy:

    • Read an article you like? Send it to your friends.
    • Found some delicious cocktail recipes? Share them on your blog or social media.
    • Discovered some new spirits you’d like to try? Go out and buy the products—and maybe tell your friends where you learned about them.

    Our mission is to connect the world to better drinking. We’ll keep working hard each day to make it happen, and with a little help from our community, we can reach even more thirsty, curious consumers just like you.