Editorial Policy

Last Updated: Jan 8, 2016

Bevvy’s editorial policy is based on the following set of guiding principles.

We respect the intellectual property rights of others.

Bevvy is a community-focused platform, and a significant portion of the Bevvy website, the Bevvy Service, or any application (including mobile applications) made available by Bevvy (collectively, “Bevvy”) will be content and activity uploaded and generated by users. This user-generated content is governed by our copyright policy. If you believe there has been a copyright infringement for content available on Bevvy, please refer to our copyright policy for instructions on how to notify us.

In addition to user-generated content, Bevvy offers original content such as articles, interviews, coverage, reviews and more. We strive to ensure content sourced from or provided by other parties is properly attributed to those parties, with the following exceptions:

  • marketing material clearly intended for promotional and publicity purposes
  • public domain content, as well as content under a Creative Commons or similar license that explicitly permits its use without need for attribution

We value quality over quantity, and accuracy over speed.

Our goal is to publish quality, accurate content, and we do our best to fact-check and verify the accuracy of the information we present. We prefer longer-form content, and articles will typically exceed 700 words, with some feature pieces going beyond 2000 and even 3000 words.

We try to move quickly, but will take as much time as is necessary to ensure we’re producing high-quality content. This means on occasion turnaround times will be longer than usual.

Although we are thorough, mistakes still happen from time to time. If we have factually misrepresented any information, please notify us about the error (making sure to include a url to the published piece), and we will look into your claim. Any verified errors on our part will be updated on the piece where they occurred, with a note about the correction.

We’re transparent about advertising and sponsorship content.

Bevvy does not currently accept any advertising or sponsorships.

As our operations evolve, we may display advertisements, sponsorships, and other forms of sponsored content. In these situations, we strive for clarity and will plainly label paid content as such.

We choose what we write about independently of advertising or sponsorship revenues, and likewise do not allow revenues to influence us to give undue exposure or favoritism to any product or party—our coverage will always be informed by our honest opinion.

We accept product submissions but refuse to be influenced by them.

Bevvy does receive product submissions from time to time, including spirits, beers, bartending tools, glassware, and other related products as well as marketing materials (nobody has sent us a cocktail yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen).

Submissions do not guarantee editorial coverage, although having the actual product may at times increase its consideration.

That being said, we are pretty comprehensive when it comes to product inclusion in our spirits catalog (separate from any editorial coverage we may do).

If you wish to send us something, use any appropriate contact method listed here. For product submissions, please also include one or two high-resolution product shots, preferably in JPG or PNG format (minimum of 1024px wide, but the larger the better).

Please note that we are unable to return any of the items submitted to us.

Our coverage should positively benefit consumers.

Bevvy generally prefers not to cover topics we feel negatively about (although it can occur). We take this position because our opinion is subjective like anyone else’s, and just because we didn’t like something doesn’t mean that product or topic is necessarily bad.

When we do provide negative coverage or commentary, it will usually be because we feel our opinion will be beneficial to our viewers and to end consumers.

If you have sent us something and don’t see any coverage after a reasonable period of time, feel free to contact us again. If you still don’t see any coverage after another reasonable amount of time has elapsed, it’s likely we’ve chosen not to cover this product or topic. However, we encourage you to send us new submissions on a different product or topic (but it probably won’t help to continue asking us about the same items we passed on).

Our coverage does not mean endorsement.

While we prefer to write about products, companies and topics we like, we may from time to time write about things that we either find interesting or worth covering but are not endorsing in any way.

Coverage on Bevvy should not be viewed as an endorsement, and you should not present our coverage on your website, app or service or any third-party product or service to look like an endorsement from Bevvy.

When we do like or recommend a particular product or service, we will call that out clearly—feel free to quote us verbatim in these cases.