About Bevvy

Bevvy was founded on the premise that food and drink are essential ingredients of bringing people together, building community, and bridging cultures. When we raise a glass and bend an elbow with others, we are often indulging in conversations and shared experiences that have the power to forge relationships.

With that in mind, we set out to build a community and a platform for helping people learn about cocktails and spirits—and to appreciate the culinary attributes of flavor, fresh ingredients, and the art of the drink.

What is Bevvy?

Bevvy is a collection of people, sites, apps, tools and other products that anyone can use to learn about and appreciate cocktails and spirits.

Bevvy is a place to appreciate and learn about cocktails and spirits. Our mission (and superpower) is to connect the world to better drinking—and we do this by helping people enjoy better drinking experiences through recipes, reviews, how-tos and more.

Bevvy makes it easy to track all the cocktails you’ve tried and want to try, show off your booze collection, and create a drink menu for your next cocktail party. Or, simply lean back with your favorite tipple, and read entertaining and inspiring stories about all things drink.

Bevvy is a community of enthusiasts, spirit aficionados, bartenders, brands, and everyday people who just like a good cocktail. Together we can change the world, one drink at a time (or at least live life to the fullest).

So have a look around, and stay thirsty. Cheers.