Brand Assets & Logos

The Bevvy Brand

Bevvy brand assets, including but not limited to the Bevvy name, certain graphics including logos, icons, badges, screenshots, and scripts are trademarks and service marks of Bevvy, Inc.

The marks

  • Bevvy
  • Bevvy Inc
  • Bevvy Co
  • Mixture Labs
  • Cocktail Enthusiast
  • “we”, “us” in the United States and other countries

or variations of the above are collectively referenced to as the “Bevvy Marks”.

General Brand Guidelines

  • We are Bevvy.
    Please make sure to reference us correctly. Our official name is Bevvy, and not, Bevvy Co, bevvyco, nor any other variation (despite our social media handles). If referencing our main website url, always use and not

  • Don’t harm Bevvy.
    Don’t use the Bevvy Marks in a way that is harmful to Bevvy. When in doubt, don’t do it.

  • Don’t create confusion.
    Don’t use Bevvy Marks in the name of your website, application or product. This includes using the Bevvy Marks in the url, misspellings, transliterations or similar versions thereof.

  • Don’t imply endorsement or mislead others.
    This includes suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Bevvy, declaring a statement or opinion on our behalf, or referring to any service other than Bevvy. Don’t display any Bevvy Marks larger than your own logo or marks, and don’t use the Bevvy Marks in your advertising or marketing materials withour prior written consent from Bevvy.

Brand Colors

Bevvy’s brand colors revolve mostly around our primary color Bevvy Blue and our secondary color Bevvy Red, in addition to the standard colors of white and black (in our case, we use a dark shade of gray for our black). All other colors that are used are supportive of these two colors.

  • HEX: #45A9EC
  • RGB: 69, 169, 236
  • CMYK: 71, 28, 0, 7
  • Pantone: 284 C (292 U)
Bevvy Blue (our primary color)
  • HEX: #F55848
  • RGB: 245, 88, 72
  • CMYK: 0, 64, 71, 4
  • Pantone: 2027 C (485 U)
Bevvy Red (our secondary color)


The Bevvy Marks are valuable and trademarked assets of our company, and represent our public image. Always use our official and unmodified Bevvy Marks to represent Bevvy.

Bevvy logo
transparent blue name logo
(for light backgrounds)
Bevvy logo
transparent white name logo
(for dark backgrounds)
Bevvy logo
transparent blue icon logo
(for light backgrounds)
Bevvy logo
transparent white icon logo
(for dark backgrounds)

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Don’t alter our assets.
    Don’t alter the Bevvy assets or use them in a misleading manner, or in a way that confuses Bevvy with another brand.

  • Only use the above colors for the logo.
    Our logo colors are an integral part of our brand, so please don’t change the colors in the logo in any way.

  • Feel free to play around with background colors.
    While we don’t allow changing the colors of our logos, you are free to use different colors for the background our logos are placed on. Please use the appropriate version of the logo for light-colored backgrounds as well as dark-colored backgrounds, and feel free to use the logo over photographs.

Bevvy logo
Bevvy logo
Bevvy logo
Bevvy logo
  • Put some padding around it.
    When using a Bevvy logo with other graphic elements, make sure there’s enough padding around it—the padding around the logo should be at least 50% the height of the logo itself.
Bevvy logo

BAD, like a hangover

Bevvy logo

GOOD, like a dram of Foursquare 2006